Creating a New You Step 2: Take Action

In Step 1, I talked about setting goals and the importance of positive self-talk. To illustrate step 2, I'll use the example goal from my last post: 

Goal: I plan on being in the best health and physical condition I can possibly be, in one year. 

Now that your goal is set, you need to decide what actions you need to take to reach that goal. For example:

Action Steps to Reach My Goal

1. Call ROMAN and schedule a Fitness Assessment. See how smart you are already?! This will determine your current fitness level vs. your goal fitness level or condition.

2. Research! Start by reading my manual. Really spend time considering how you can incorporate nutrition and lifestyle changes into your life to help reach your goal.

3. Find 30 minutes twice a week to strength train with ROMAN. Preferably, the same days, at the same time to help develop a routine. 

3. Go to the grocery so I can begin the "Head Start" nutrition program. Understanding proper nutrition is just as important as working out - especially if you're trying to lose body fat!.

4. Find two days a week to do a half hour of hard, HARD, cardio. Three times a week is better, but let's not be overly enthusiastic and burn out to fast.

5. Get a massage! Research shows the health benefits of massage is comprehensive - especially in conjunction with an exercise program. Massage can speed muscle recovery and help prevent injury, which means reaching your goal as fast as possible!

6. Stay positive! This takes work, I know. Try reading Pscho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz for encouragement - it worked for me!