Working out with my wife and Roman was a God send for my physical, as well as my mental well-being. Roman pushes you to your limits at the time, but not beyond them to where it might be detrimental or become a setback. It’s an ongoing process, but I am approaching some results that I had accomplished in my late 30’s and 40’s. Other people have noticed improvements in my demeanor and appearance. I care more about nutrition, now. I feel better at 61 than I did at 50!
— Steve Gorsuch, 61
Roman listened to me about my body problems and slowly worked through them. He is a very caring person about clients and their needs. If I have a problem with my neck, he can work it out and relieve my pain. I also like the fact that I can get regular massages from him once a month. If he has worked me hard, he can give me a massage and work out all the kinks!
— Pam Cole
Roman is fun to work with and I noticed a difference after 3-4 weeks. People noticed a bigger chest and stronger arms. I got the added benefit of being more flexible.
— Jimmy Muzquiz
When I began working with Roman in November, I just wanted to feel better, health wise, and decided to make goals slowly. First I incorporated at least two days of training a week and was consistent for a year. I have done that and met goals I made for strength and weight. Now I’m hooked for life!!
Roman knew my husband and I wanted to be active and agile. By 3 months, we were seeing a difference because Roman knew exactly what he was doing. We started out training separately, but Roman also saw how well we trained together. He let it be our decision, and we all became a team. It works well because my husband and I are very competitive. Therefore, we try to outdo each other, pushing for a better workout. I have gone beyond my initial goals and now am making new ones!
One of my co-workers asked, one day, “How do you stay so fit and look so young for your age?” I told her, “My training,” and she said, “Thank goodness. There is hope!” She is 29 years old!
— Georgia Gorsuch, 59
When I started training with Roman in 2014, I wanted to become stronger, but my real goal was to be able to run a 5K in under 30 minutes. I had doubts about my ability to perform some of the moves, like the plank to push-up. Roman gave me plenty of one-on-one attention and monitored my form. Since then, my strength and endurance have improved, and my husband has noticed that I’ve lost weight in all the right places. Best of all, my 5K best time is now 26 minutes!
— Carole Leonard, 44