Fitness Training Programs

Using the components below, our experts will create a balanced, effective program that is specific to your needs and abilities. Your certified trainer will monitor your progress and adjust your program as appropriate to help you achieve your maximum potential. 


This in-depth assessment includes "before" photos and measures your initial muscular strength, flexibility and body composition to help define your long-term fitness goals.

Private gym access

Our fitness facility is reserved for our personal training clients, so you can work out on your own schedule without having to worry about avoiding the gym crowds.


Statistics show that results increase significantly when exercising with a personal trainer versus exercising alone. Certified trainers can motivate, diversify workouts, suggest more effective exercises,  as well as prevent injury by emphasizing proper technique and monitoring form. Each 30-minute, one-on-one training session consists of resistance training moves personalized for your unique needs and goals. 

Nutritional guidance & meal plan

Nutrition can make or break any fitness program. We provide  nutritional guidance and a customized two-week meal plan that emphasizes proper portion sizes, and the appropriate ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to help you improve your eating behaviors and make healthier food decisions.   

Cardiovascular exercise plan

We provide a comprehensive cardiovascular workout plan as key part of your fitness program. In addition to helping you reach your fitness goals more quickly, raising your heart rate and burning calories can increase your metabolism, burn fat,  improve circulation, and prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Each month, your trainer will update your biometrics and photos to hep measure  your progress. Your trainer will use this information to suggest any changes to your fitness program, if needed, to help keep you on track to meet your fitness goals.

Additional Services

Therapeutic massage

Massage therapy is an important element of any fitness training program. Our licensed massage therapists use advanced methods, including moist heat therapy and heated oil massage to dissipate lactic acid in sore muscles, increase flexibility, and prevent future injury.


We all have unique physical challenges and health concerns. Exercise can help manage issues including low-back pain, injury rehabilitation and pre/post natal training. Together with your physician, physical therapist and health care provider, your personal trainer can ensure a safe, effective program to restore and maintain bodily health.


Fitness Coaching from Roman Massage & Fitness does more than motivate you to get to the gym. For those that prefer to train on their own, Fitness Coaching can keep you on track when you aren’t at the gym and motivate you to stick with your fitness program. Your trainer will review your progress, as well as offer suggestions and encouragement. Includes:

  • Fitness Program (Cardiovascular & Strength workouts)
  • Monthly Check-ins
  • Weekly Motivational Emails

Personal Training Packages

Maximize your results and your savings by combining fitness training with the restorative, therapeutic effects of massage therapy.

Reach your fitness goals faster with our Total Wellness Package. Includes two 30-min personal training sessions per week to build strength and one 30-minute Therapeutic Massage per week to help you recover faster, prevent injury, and stay on track.

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